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teaching-children-that-happiness-comes-from-the-insideAlthough I know this, and as much as I work to practice this, there are those times in my life when it becomes a challenge. 

Recently, I moved my family to California. When we first arrived, the excitement of being somewhere new swirled. Different weather, different environment, and a change of scenery created an adventure. For the first two weeks, we stayed in a hotel. Our job was to scout out the area, find new sports programs, and meet as many people as we could before we met my husband for dinner in the center of town. No dishes, no laundry, no cooking, life was good.

About the two-week mark, despite the fun and sun, the Cali swags were ready to go home. I missed familiarity. I wanted to hug and kiss my dog that would nuzzle my legs when I walked through the door. I wanted to smell my sheets before I burrowed into my mattress and fell asleep. Reality set in. I was going home, however I wasn’t going to my home. I was moving into a new house, in a new neighborhood, in a new town. 

Shortly after, the movers came. They brought in my coffee table purchased at a second hand store, the area rug that I had searched for to fit my foyer entrance, and my children’s dressers that had been repainted with my sister to match their rooms. At a loss, I stood in disbelief, my home after fifteen years of creating, had been dismantled. 

Can’t you see, can’t you see, what that woman, she been doin to me” sounded in the background while it played on the moving truck radio. Floods of memories came through and tears rolled down my face. I missed my brother. I flashed back to the Marshal Tucker concert, when I was 15. 

Every day people ask me how I am adjusting to the move. There isn’t one bad thing I can say. The weather is perfect. The people are kind and welcoming. My new home was beautiful. How do you tell people that despite the beauty, you just missed home? 

As a mom, I had to be strong. I needed to teach my children that home isn’t a building, or a place, but rather where your heart is. It is a place where, despite the whirling of the wind as the hurricane approaches, it is calm and peaceful.

Happiness is not something that you can buy or achieve from having lots of material possessions, or friends. It is a place where you know that despite where life takes you, or how life treats you, when you look inside you are always home.

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