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Looking to take some healthy steps with the kids?  Not easy is it? With everything that is out there from the drive-thru restaurants on every street, commercials showing fun snacks and sugary treats it can be difficult to get kids to buy-in when it comes to eating healthy. Three moms talk about the challenges they face and how they get their kids on board the health train.

Only provide healthy snack foods: When Anupy Singla isn’t creating home cooked Indian meals for her family, she is buying healthy snacks for her kids. Instead of leaving out typical snack foods like pretzels or chips, Anupy stores fruits and vegetables inside a drawer of her fridge and tells her children they can snack on any of the food available in the drawer.

Give them a reward for trying something new: Instead of rewarding her kids with sweets, Tami Conway puts a sticker on a chart every time her kids try something new. From vegetables to green smoothies, Tami asks her kids to try something new every day and they can place a sticker on their chart if they try it. This helps Tami break down what types of healthy foods her kids do like.

Pick two treat days: Instead of exiling all sweets, Lara Fields lets her kids pick two days of the week where they can indulge in something fun. Her kids get to decide which two nights they can have a treat, satisfying that sweet craving the kids have without indulging them every night. Lara keeps fun things inside the house, like chocolate chips, for nights like these.

The best way for your kids to learn healthy eating habits is to lead by example. So take the challenge to start these eating habits with your kids, and you’ll start feeling the healthy difference in your household and your own life!

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