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Teaching-Our-Children-Positive-Self-ImagesWe have to be beautiful in order to be worthy.

We are bombarded with advertisements and expectations of what we should be, and those images are just not reality for most of us. It's hard to decipher what's believable and what isn't. Our loved ones, peers and teachers tell us one thing while the media tells another. Which message do you think will have the biggest impact?

I dare say, at least for girls (and boys too) in their younger years, the messages that will have the biggest impact comes from their moms! How many times have you said "I’m fat," "I’m ugly," "I need to lose weight," "I don’t look good," or something similar? No one judges us more harshly than we judge ourselves.

How many times have your kids heard you say these things? What do they think when one of the people they love, admire, and think is just amazing keeps saying these things about themselves? I know when I was little and heard my mom say such things, I was confused!

Teaching our Children to be Confident

See, when our children are little, they really look up to us. They think we are perfect! They want to be like us. They look to us for guidance. How they see the world is shaped a great deal by how we see the world. How we see ourselves shapes how they will see themselves. If we focus on what we think is wrong with us, our kids will learn to do the same and look for faults in themselves.

Looking back, I know my son heard me say bad things about myself more times than I could count. One day I realized how that must sound and feel for him and I now try to be more positive and not focus on what I perceive to be my physical faults, but what I feel are my strengths! I still struggle with this, and have to stop myself from saying negative things about myself all the time.

Having a healthy and positive body image means liking your body, appreciating it, and being grateful for what you can do. When we care for and appreciate our own bodies, we teach our kids to do the same. Each moment we spend feeling bad about ourselves is one less moment that we can embrace life and truly enjoy being with the people we love. We owe it to our kids to love ourselves!

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