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Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has officially announced his bid for the 2016 presidential election. While this move surprised no one, as the Republican junior senator has been travelling around the country in an effort to stir up preliminary support, it does make us wonder who else will be throwing their hat into the ring. Hillary Clinton is an obvious contender, but what other women may be testing the electoral waters?

Massachusets Sen. Elizabeth Warren is a possibility, and one that would directly challenge Clinton, as the two would be fighting for many of the same Democratic voters. Warren has a steady and growing fan base. In fact, The Boston Globe posted an editorial just this weekend urging her to run in opposition to Clinton. The Democratic senator is a former Harvard professor who has long championed consumer rights and fought against income inequality.

Another option is Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand from New York. The junior senator is a strong advocate for women’s rights, and has vocalized her support for a Clinton presidential run. She also seems to be hedging her bets in the event that Clinton’s race falters. This fall she released a memoir, which many view as a necessary step in the path to a presidential race.

Republicans have a few potential female candidates as well. One of the most obvious is Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota. The three-term congresswoman posits herself as a true conservative idealist. She initially gained momentum as a member of the grass-roots Tea Party movement. And she misses no opportunity to call out Clinton, making it clear she will object to Clinton’s presidential ambitions every step of the way.

The election may be a ways off, but it’s never too early to start figuring out who the players are, and what issues are important to them.

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