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instagram-eating-disorderA teen finds a unique way to kick her troubles away. Singapore teen, Ga Chin Lin, used the Instagram app to help her recover from an eating disorder. 

The 15-year-old wrote, “I used my love for food to pull me up and spur me on to a full recovery and now it has evolved into a full blown passion.” 

It’s not clear what eating disorder she suffered from, but the self-proclaimed “healthy and nourished lifestyle advocate” now has more than 78,000 followers who have joined the cause. She now provides recipes for amazing dishes like one she describes as “beautiful golden bronzed waffle with crisp burnished pockets.”

She revealed that she started small, but is now continuing to build her own brand.

“I started from researching recipes and basic food concepts and adapting them to make my own recipes. Now I’m beginning to branch out into creating my own.” 

She added that she loves natural foods, especially chocolate!

“I believe in and advocate body positivity, self love, nourishing one’s self and health in both physical and spiritual facets.” She describes her blog as a “humble” way to share what she loves.

What a way to give social media a good purpose behind it!

Photo Credit: Instagram

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