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when-should-kids-get-their-first-cellphoneThe Best Age and Rules to Getting Your Child Their First Cellphone.

Deciding when kids should get their first cellphone is a big decision. A cell phone holds a lot of responsibility, rules, and gives a child more privacy. And it seems as though the age of when kids get their first cellphone keeps getting younger and younger.  When should kids get their first cellphone? What rules should there be with their first cellphone? We'll help you answer these questions and give advice on cell phones and your children. 

does-my-daughter-have-an-eating-disorderChildren that overeat do so because something upsets them. Here is what you need to know if you are concerned about eating disorders with your daughter or son.

When discussing eating disorders, we think of anorexia. But what about children that overeat? Some children that overeat purge after eating and others do not. And, some children emotionally eat when something upsets them.

In a complicated, stressful, world it is not uncommon for children to act out in different ways. And sometimes they mirror us. This means we need to strive to be healthy and avoid eating-disordered behavior.

sexting-teenagers-more-likely-to-have-sexNew Study Says Sexter Teenagers are More Likely to Engage in the Real Thing.

According to a September 2012 study published in the online journal, Pediatrics, sexting teenagers are more likely to actually have sexSexting is the act of sending and receiving sexually explicit photos and messages via cellphones. What are the details of this sexting study? Does this mean if your teen is sexting then they are actually having sex? 

how-to-get-your-teenager-to-do-choresMany of us experience the frustration of a messy house with teenagers just sitting around doing nothing. Here are some tips for motivating your teen to help you clean.

Like many other moms, I am going through the challenge of getting my teens to help me clean right now. Consequently, I did some research. Those of you that have teens should know that you are not alone in your frustration with getting your teen to do chores. Here is what you need to know...

how-to-get-teens-to-listenYou may know that your child is neither “dependent” nor “entitled” in a percentage kind of way. 

What can we do to ensure our children are prepared when they leave home in a few years’ time - poised to not only stand on their own feet but also aware enough of others to be positive forces in their communities?