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teenagers-drinking-hand-sanitizerTeenagers are using a dangerous method to get drunk before they reach the legal drinking age. Drunk videos of teenagers drinking hand sanitizer to get drunk are surfacing all over the Internet showing the hand sanitizer trends’ dangerous upswing. 

Among the scariest trends in recent memory, it has become apparent that teenagers are drinking hand sanitizer to get drunk, and many have suffered alcohol poisoning from drinking too much hand sanitizer. 

Teenagers Getting Drunk on Hand Sanitizer: A Dangerous Method

Teenage life is commonly full of experimentation and risky behavior, but trends like drinking hand sanitizer show that teenagers are going to extreme lengths to work around the legal drinking age. Not only is drinking hand sanitizer a dangerous method to get drunk, hand sanitizer does in fact act as alcohol in the body, making the effects of drinking hand sanitizer very similar to the effects of drinking alcohol. Alcohol poisoning is just as dangerous when caused by teenagers drinking hand sanitizer to get drunk as alcohol poisoning caused by traditional alcohol, commonly used in mixed drinks. 

The Effects of Drinking

The effects of drinking are widely reported and when teenagers get drunk, the effects of drinking can be even more harmful than to those who are of legal drinking age. Alcohol poisoning and alcohol consumption in teenagers who are still developing can cause serious problems. Teenagers who are drinking hand sanitizer to feel the alcohol effects are putting their bodies at risk. Teenage life is full of peer pressure and videos of teenagers drinking hand sanitizer to get drunk prove that the majority of teenagers that are using hand sanitizer to get drunk are doing so with a friend or a group of friends. 

Alcohol Effects 

Drinking too much hand sanitizer can lead to dangerous alcohol poisoning because one small bottle of hand sanitizer contains 60% alcohol or 120 proof, which is the equivalent of drinking several straight shots of hard alcohol. Similar trends have occurred in the past where teenagers abused common household items to get drunk despite being under the legal drinking age.Videos of teenagers engaging in this risky behavior also helped uncover the problem. In the past, similar trends have led to tougher regulations on products like cough medicine, spray paint, glue and even whipped cream cans. Teenage life lends itself to following trends, even dangerous trends, because in a group, teenagers are more likely to feel peer pressure and make poor choices. 

Teenagers and Hand Sanitizer: Look for Alcohol Effects

To assure that teenagers in your life aren’t abusing hand sanitizer to get drunk, always look for alcohol effects in their behavior. If alcohol poisoning is detected and treated it might save the life of someone suffering from the effects of drinking. Taking teenagers suffering from alcohol effects to the hospital after they ingest hand sanitizer is imperative. To deter your teenagers from using a dangerous method to get drunk, like drinking hand sanitizer, educate them on the risks and dangers of drinking, alcohol poisoning and dangerous alternative methods to get drunk.

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