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teens-dropping-out-of-schoolWhy Do Teens Drop Out of High School? 

Determining the drop out rate of high school students is difficult because in order to find an accurate number, you must determine why teens drop out of high school. In recent studies the US Department of Education found that nearly 1.2 million high school students from the ages of 18 to 24 dropped out of high school. That number might not be entirely accurate given the complexities behind why teens drop out of high school.

The staggering figure of 1.2 million students dropping out would indicate that one in every five high school students in America would drop out of high school before graduating. As the US Department of Education explains, there are countless reasons that contribute to teens dropping out of high school. There are some very common reasons that crop up more often than not when determining why teens drop out of high school. 

High School Drop Out Rates

The high school drop out rate is rather high in America where free education is offered and made available to virtually anyone, so why are teens dropping out of high school? The US Department of Education explains that only 55% of high school students between the ages of 15 and 19 will successfully complete high school and receive their diploma. GED programs also help another 15% of high school students receive their high school equivalency degree. This high school graduation rate leaves out an entire 30% of high school students that will drop out of high school before graduating. The US Department of Education offers these top five reasons to explain the high rate of teens dropping out of high school. 

Five Common Reasons Teens Drop Out of High School 

1. Lack of Parental Support

Teens in high school might want independence and rebel against their parents, but parental guidance and boundaries really are attributed to the success of high school aged teens. According to the US Department of Education study 75% of teen drops outs had insufficient adult support at home. 

2. Special Needs 

Students suffering from learning disabilities often drop out of overcrowded public schools because their special needs might not be recognized. In classes of 30 and even 40 teens, teachers don’t have the time to give individual attention to those in need of it. 

3. Lack of Interest

A key ingredient to teenage hood is a dose of apathy, but sometime this apathy can overwhelm the student’s desire to succeed. Teens who aren’t stimulated enough in high school classes often drop out due to boredom or a belief that a high school education isn’t essential to success. 

4. Financial Problems

With the rough economic times recently, families have been forced to put their teenagers to work to help out with bills. Teens commonly drop out of high school to contribute financially to their families. 

5. Outside Influences 

Another trademark aspect to teenage life is ever-feared peer pressure. Teens feel the desire to fit in and many teens find that sense of belonging in the wrong places or organizations like street gangs. 

In order to lower the high teen drop out rates in America, parents need to put themselves on the front line. Be involved with your kid’s education but don’t hover. If you give your children a sense of independence while monitoring their success they will thrive and be invested in their education. 

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