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It is not supposed to be funny, but almost every teen who watched an internet informational video from the early 90's showing people how to use the internet laughed out loud.

In the FineBros Youtube video, 14-19-year-old teens watched a “How-to Use The Internet” ad (yup, those existed!). Their reactions are priceless!

The video is infused with cheesy puns and bad jokes, but only if you can get over the middle-parted hair styles, not-so-catchy theme song and overdone acting.

"Have you ever heard of America Online?" one teen was asked. Jeannie, 18, replied "No, never." But when asked if she had heard of AOL, she replied "Yea! Of course!"

Time really flies, huh? 

An 18-year-old today would have been born in 1997. That means they were around 3-years-old when the 2000’s started. At that point, the internet was already being used in classrooms. So for these teens, it isn't as foreign - or hard to use. 

Dial-up was only a factor for a few years of their lives. Most of them did not even recognize the sound and related it to electronic dance music! 

If you are looking for a good laugh and some nostalgia, here you go: 


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