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teens-with-fewer-friends-are-less-lonelyThe inverse relationship between social media and communication skills has been quite the topic of choice recently. However, two recent studies now show that it's not the younger generations that are being negatively effected by the gap between the two. 

It has been found that American adults are now found to be lonelier than ever before, and research thinks it may be because of social media. The study, which was conducted by two Australian Universities, found that current college students in America are much less lonely than their counterparts were in 1978. 

A second study by the University of Michigan on American high school students between 1991 and 2012 found that current students feel less isolated even though their interpersonal social networks are not as strong. It also found white students are less lonely than black or Hispanic students.

In the long run, these studies show that teens may not being as negatively impacted by social media and technology growth as reports have previously found. Teens may actually be adapting to the changes in technology and growing with it. 

David Clark from the study called this adaption "modernization." He said, "People become less dependent on their families and need more specialized skills, which could lead to less interest in social support and more self-sufficiency."

The researchers on the study believe that these changes could be caused by urbanization, an increasing social emphasis on personal success, freedom from greater ergonomic chances, and parenting changes. 

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