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No, we are not saying you look fat! You just had a baby after all. But we have too and know that in either the back or forefront of your mind, you are thinking about and feeling the baby weight that you want to come off. And somehow your baby has become the perfect excuse not to work out.

6939-ten-products-to-make-exercising-with-baby-a-reality-1We are just here to remind you that you absolutely can exercise with your baby and that this is the perfect time to start getting back in shape. After all, spring has not even sprung yet so you’ve got months to prep for warmer weather and all the non-elastic waistbanded clothes that brings. Even if you are not worried about fitting into you pre-baby clothes (but really? You do not want to wear maternity clothes for the long-haul and who wants to buy new clothes in different sizes if they don’t have to?), think about just feeling good when you are out and about with baby. For instance, you are now walking for two, whether you are carrying your little one or pushing a stroller. No need to have to stop every little while to catch your breath. And once they start toddling and then running, you want to be able to keep up!

Think of us like an alarm on your calendar—it’s ideal to start getting back to working out now.

Here at The List, we’ve narrowed down the top ten products to help you make exercising with baby easier and more efficient. 

Products to Help You Lose Your Baby Weight

  • Strollometer: This innovative device straps on to calculate all the miles you log in with your stroller.
  • Front Pack: Whether it’s a Moby Wrap or a BabyBjorn, unless you’ve had a c-section, these can help you get walking soon after the maternity ward.
  • MBTsneakers: Sketchers has a less pricey model of these stylish sneaks that can tone your legs and tush while you work around the house or out.
  • DVDs: Even if you’re not ready to strut your stuff at a public gym or dance studio, carry these DVDs to a friend’s house to share with them and their little ones: Physique 57 (your Kelly Ripa type workout while babies play beside you), Mambo Mom (Salsa with baby in tow), an Fusion Pilates (Bond with your baby as you increase your long misbegotten core strength).
  • Backpack: The modern day version of the papoose leaves your hands free to multi-task while you burn those calories.
  • Ankle and wrist weights: While pushing the stroller down the block or around the mall, these will multiply the fat you burn.
  • Jogging Stroller: Even if you don’t run, these strollers make “off road” walking much easier.
  • Bike trailer: These attachments for your bike are safer than bike seats in case of tip-overs
  • iFitness: iPhone/iTouch app that can customize a workout.
  • Let groovegurus.com customize an iPod list especially for you.

For more baby weight-loss ideas, check out Poshmom.

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