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iStock 598176598 CroppedThe fun and fresh air doesn’t have to end now that summer is over. As fall begins there are so many reasons to love being outside this season…

1. Apple Picking

Does any apple taste better than one plucked from a tree yourself? Have a blast with the kids picking apples at an orchard or farm near you. You’ll find a directory of local apple picking spots here and don’t forget to try out a favorite fall apple dish from Pinterest

2. Scarecrow Making

So you don’t have crows to scare away? Who cares! Brighten up your backyard instead! Before you make your next Goodwill drop be sure to save the zaniest, most vibrant clothes for your new straw-brained friend. You’ll see everything you need to know about making a scarecrow right here

3. Pumpkin Farm Frolics

Visiting a pumpkin patch or farm is always a blast. Once you’ve taken the obligatory ‘little people and huge pumpkins’ shot for Snapchat you can grab some hot apple cider and cinnamon doughnuts and seek out the hayride, haunted house or other spooky attractions. Don’t forget to pick out your perfect pumpkin for carving. There’s a directory of pumpkin patches here.

4. Pumpkin Carving Time

What’s your child’s pumpkin carving style? Perhaps they’ll sculpt a traditional Jack-o’-lantern or maybe they’ll surprise you with some something crazy and different? Check out some awesome ideas here. Don’t forget to save the pumpkin seeds and toast them!

 5. Corn mazes

Who doesn’t like to get lost in a corn maze? Will you set off on your intrepid adventure as a family or split up and get totally corn-fused? Pick a local corn maze here

6. Fall leaf art 

Don’t let those colorful fall leaves go to waste. Encourage your kids to pick out their favorites and get to work to create some beautiful fall art and crafts. There’s plenty of ideas here.

7. Petting Zoo Visits

Fall is the perfect time to visit the animals at your local petting zoo or farm. Nurture your children to care for our four-legged friends by taking them to meet farmyard favorites such as cows, sheep, goats and horses. You’ll discover a directory of local petting zoos and farms here.

8. Fall Festivals

Whether it’s a celebration of the monarch butterfly migration, pumpkins galore or a spooky Halloween spectacular, weekends in September are all about family time at fall festivals.  Locate your perfect festival here or check out local ‘what’s on’ guides. 

9. Scavenger Hunts

Encourage your children to get curious about nature with a fall scavenger hunt. Seeking out different leaves, animal tracks or rocks will help them to connect to the natural world and appreciate its wonders. Find an array of fall scavenger hunt ideas here.

10. Pine Cone Crafts

Pine cones are easily found and so fun and versatile for craft projects. Spark your children’s imagination by providing pipe cleaners, paint and stickers and watch them create wacky animals or decorations with their pine cone stash. You’ll find plenty of ideas here

Charlotte Ward

Charlotte Ward is a British writer, tree hugger and toddler entertainer. She is based in California where she can be found enjoying the outdoor life with her husband, son and hyperactive dog-child. 

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