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10 Unique Presents for the Fashionista

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ten-unique-presents-for-the-fashionista-1For those you know who are fashion forward, get them a gift they'll treasure!

Tis’ the season of gift giving. When needing to get a gift tailored to the fashionista, there are plenty of possibilities. If you are unsure how to get a gift for fashionable people, take a look at these ideas. Here are the top 10 unique gift ideas for the fashionista (or fashionisto for boys!). 

ten-unique-presents-for-the-fashionista-2Presents for the Fashionista

  1. SPA DAY: Her feet have got to hurt from walking in heels so treat her to an entire day of relaxation. She can rest up while you get some much needed pampering too.
  2. BOUTIQUE UNIQUE: Stop by a boutique and grab something special for your fashionable friend. Boutiques carry very few of every item they have and the items are usually quality and very unique. If you pick up something we guarantee there’s a 1-in-a-million chance she will already have it or will ever see someone else in it. It's a safe and special buy.
  3. BEAUTY GIFT CARD: What’s her favorite makeup brand? Her favorite store for her beauty necessities like cleanses, face masks, etc.? Get her a gift card so she can pick up a few of her fab favorites on your tab.
  4. BOTTLE OF PERFUME: You can’t go wrong with buying her favorite perfume. You know she’ll like it and since it’s her favorite she could always use more.
  5. DIY GIFT CLUTCH: What’s her favorite color? Does she love lipstick? Does she like lighting candles and painting her nails? Well, give it all to her for Christmas by personalizing a gift bag (clutch, crossbody bag, or tote) for her. Get her a purple lipstick, with a mini lavender candle and purple glitter nail polish. Place it in the cutest purple clutch. Now, she has everything she needs to go on a quick shopping trip or a night out on the town.
  6. NAKED PALETTE: Who wouldn’t want this on Christmas?
  7. MATTE PALETTE or COLLECTION: Matte collections are all over the place. Get her a palette of matte eye shadow or a few matte lipsticks. The new matte lipstick crayons are awesome, too!
  8. PLAN IN STYLE: If she’s always busy and can never remember what she has going on because she loves to share herself with all of whom she loves, get her a luxe planner. It looks like a clutch but it’s really an agenda book.
  9. CUTESY CASE: Any tech-toting, fashion maven would love an über chic laptop or tablet case. Covered in glitter, shimmer and shine, it’s a luxurious home for one her most used tech accessories.
  10. PET CHIC: If she loves her pup as if it's a child, get something she'll love that would also be of good use when walking him or her. She'll love a bedazzled leash more than her pup.

Here's to a fabulous shopping experience!

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