• 10 Ways You're Ruining Your Skin

    10 Ways You're Ruining Your Skin

    You try to take care of your skin, but you might be doing damage that you don't even realize. We're all guilty of giving in to some bad habits now and then, but don't worry... Womensforum is here to help! Once you understand these 10 common mistakes that wreak havoc on your skin, you can take precautions to prevent further damage. Trust us, your epidermis will thank you!

  • Using Your Cell Phone

    Using Your Cell Phone

    The screen on your phone can harbor bacteria and cause breakouts and rashes along the skin of your cheek and jawline. Yuck! Clean it regularly with some handy antibacterial wipes.

  • Long Showers

    Long Showers

    Too much of a good thing can eventually turn into...a bad thing. While long, hot showers can feel great, the water can strip away the outermost layer of your skin, causing your skin to become dry or even scaly. Try to keep your shower activities (like singing and philosophizing) to a minimum. It's good for the environment, too!

  • Too Much Chlorine

    Too Much Chlorine

    Even if you shower after taking a dip in a pool, the chlorine in the water can still cling to your skin. Make sure to scrub your skin with a good body soap and face wash to remove any lingering chlorine. Follow up your shower with your favorite moisturizerchlorine can be very drying to your skin. 

  • Sleeping on Dirty Pillowcases

    Sleeping on Dirty Pillowcases

    You spend anywhere from six to nine hours laying on your pillow every night. Dead skin cells build up, and if you don't wash off your makeup before bed, that product can linger on your pillow as well. Wash your face before bed every night, and change your pillowcase at least once a week. 

  • Wearing Glasses or Sunglasses

    Wearing Glasses or Sunglasses

    Pretty much anything that touches or sits on your face can cause problems for your skin, and your glasses or sunglasses are no exception. Wipe the rims and frame with antibacterial wipes every so often to help remove any bacteria causing gunk on your forehead or cheekbones. 

  • Skipping Meals

    Skipping Meals

    You might know that skipping meals can disrupt your body's balance, and your skin is no exception. Not eating properly can cause skin to age faster and dry out more quickly. Make sure to regularly nourish your body with essential vitaminsnot only to improve your skin, but also your overall health.

  • Too Much Air Conditioning

    Too Much Air Conditioning

    It's true…even the air in your house can cause problems for your skin. When you crank up the cool air, it strips the humidity and moisture, which in turn causes your skin to dry out. Not only will turning up the thermostat a few degrees help your skin, it will also save you a few bucks on your cooling costs.

  • Cleaning Your Skin Too Much

    Cleaning Your Skin Too Much

    You'd think that the more you cleanse your face, the better your skin would be, but cleaning your skin too much can actually cause more harm than good. Keep the skin treatments (like exfoliation and masks) to a minimum, and always remove your makeup with a good cleanser.

  • Drinking Caffeine

    Drinking Caffeine

    You rely on coffee (or tea) to wake you up and keep you going during the long work day. But, sad to say, the caffeine can actually dry out your skin and contribute to wrinkles (gasp!). Combat the effects of caffeine by limiting your intake and drinking lots of water.

  • Forgetting Sunscreen

    Forgetting Sunscreen

    Sure, you know that you need sunscreen when you go outside, but many people only remember to apply it when it's sunny or when spending a long time outdoors. The truth is even a cloudy day can cause damage to your skin, and it doesn't take long for the sun to take its toll. Don't forget about your left arm when drivingthe sun coming in through the window can cause gradual damage even if you don't get a burn. So just lather up before leaving the house. As your mother told you, it's better to be safe than sorry.

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