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  • Who Will Be America's Next First Family?

    Who Will Be America's Next First Family?

    Election season has already started, and in the midst of all the speeches and controversies, it's easy to overlook the people who are standing behind the candidates each step of the way - their families. Will a political dynasty like the Bushes take the White House again? Will the Clintons be back? Will a newcomer be our next POTUS?

    Scroll through to see the big players of the 2016 presidential election work tirelessly behind the scenes, and get a glimpse of who could become America's next First Family. 

    Photo Credit: George Bush Presidential Library

  • The Clintons

    The Clintons

    The Clinton family at the 1992 Democratic Convention when Bill was nominated to run for president. 

    Photo Credit: Clinton Presidential Library

  • In 1993, the Clintons posed for a White House first family Christmas photo.

    Photo Credit: Wikipedia

  • Chelsea Clinton shows off baby Charlotte with proud grandparents Hillary and Bill watching. The next generation of Clintons!

    Photo Credit: Splash

  • The Bushes

    The Bushes

    Jeb Bush with his wife Columba and kids in 1988. 

    Photo Credit: George Bush Presidential Library

  • Jeb Bush takes a holiday photo with wife Columba, kids George, Noelle and John Ellis, plus extended family. 

    Photo Courtesy Of Jeb Bush

  • The Bush family on the campaign trail in 1965. Included is Jeb Bush, third from left, who is currently running for president. 

    Photo Credit: George Bush Presidential Library

  • The Rubios

    The Rubios

    Marco Rubio with his wife Jeanette (a former Dolphins cheerleader) and his four children.

    Photo Credit: Parade.com

  • The Sanders

    The Sanders

    Bernie Sanders with his family about to officially announce his run for president in 2016.

    Photo Credit: Getty

  • The Trumps

    The Trumps

    Donald Trump posing with his family for the People Magazine cover story "At Home With Donald Trump And His Family."

    Photo Credit: People Magazine

  • Donald Trump makes the announcement that he will run for the 2016 presidential elections with the whole Trump family in tow.  

    Photo Credit: Getty

  • The O'Malleys

    The O'Malleys

    Martin O'Malley poses with wife Katie and kids William, Grace, Tara and Jack in this holiday photo.

    Photo Courtesy Of Martin O'Malley

  • The Carsons

    The Carsons

    Ben Carson poses with wife Candy and his two sons Rhoeyce and Ben Jr. and their wives.

    Photo Courtesy Of Ben Carson

  • The Pauls

    The Pauls

    Rand Paul takes an autumn family photo with wife Kelley and sons William, Robert and Duncan. 


    Photo Courtesy Of Rand Paul



  • The Cruzes

    The Cruzes

    Ted Cruz poses with his family in this campaign family photo.

    Photo Courtesy Of Ted Cruz's Campaign Website


  • The Fiorinas

    The Fiorinas

    Carly Fiorina watches the 2010 U.S. Senate Elections with her husband and two step-grandchildren. 

    Photo Credit: Getty

  • The Webbs

    The Webbs

    Jim Webb and his wife Hong Le at a Lantern Lighting Ceremony.

    Photo Credit: Flickr/SemiCharmedLife

  • The Chafees

    The Chafees

    Lincoln Chafee celebrates with wife Stephanie, whose family founded the Rhode Island School Of Design, and kids Louisa, Caleb, and Thea in 2006. 

    Photo Credit: Getty

  • The Huckabees

    The Huckabees

    John Huckabee poses with wife Janet and kids David, John Mark, and Sarah.

    Photo Courtesy Of Mike Huckabee

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