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iStock 623354638 CroppedIt's that time of the year! Black Friday and Cyber Monday are right around the corner, and we are all overwhelmed with holiday deals - so many that it's tough to parse out what actually is worth it and what's just a marketing ploy.

However, WalletHub and Womensforum to the rescue! Here are the actual best deals available on Black Friday this year.

Some of the highlights include a 13-inch Macbook Air for $689 (Shop My Exchange), a 70-inch Sony TV for $800 (Best Buy), a $250 Vitamix Blender (Macy's), and a Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner for $176 (Walmart).

In addition, WalletHub created a nifty graph showing the product categories that include the best deals on Black Friday, based on the percentage of the discount you'll get if you shop those categories on the day after Thanksgiving versus any other day of the year. It'll definitely help you plan how to maximize your Black Friday spending!


Source: WalletHub


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