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If you shop at TJMaxx often, you might consider yourself to be a maxxinista - or at least a proud bargain hunter! Somewhat silly marketing names aside, if you pride yourself on getting bargains - especially on designer goods - then you should be familar with the art and science of shopping at TJ Maxx.

Make New Friends

Befriend the staff at your local TJ Maxx and you'll get some good info, like which days they receive new shipments and what kind of merchandise comes in and when. It's been reported that Wednesdays are usually when TJ Maxx stores get new shipments, but check with your local TJ Maxx team for more specific info. January and July are generally when the stores have major markdowns as well, but ask the staff for more details about your particular store!

Go Early And Often

It probably goes without saying, but you'll have better luck if you visit a TJ Maxx store early in the day when things are most likely to be somewhat organized. And check in often - the constant stream of new merchandise and relatively low stock counts for any given item make every trip a new experience.

Use Gift Cards

Sometimes you can purchase gift cards for less than the original amount on eBay or other trading sites, so if you regularly shop at TJ Maxx, this could be a wise investment.

Figure Out The Tagging Codes

TJ Maxx uses two kinds of tags for markdowns - red if an item is marked down from it's original TJMaxx price, and yellow for final sale. So with red tags, you might be able to find that item for less down the road, but with yellow the deal is as good as it's going to get.

Ignore The "Compare At" Prices

These are really just a marketing tool and they're often inflated. Want to see the real comparable price? Try using the Amazon app to scan the barcode and see what the same or similar items are listed at on Amazon.


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