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founding-editor-in-chief-of-organic-spa-magazineFor many women, the idea of going to a spa for relaxation is thought of as the most sublime and expensive form of extravagance. These sojourns are the realm of the wealthy and the privileged and aren’t viewed as potentially feasible when it comes to the old bank account. Sure, you could go drop hundreds of dollars on a massage and a facial and a manicure and a pedicure, but then where is Little Johnny’s shoe money going to come from? No one would likely blame the busiest Mom for taking some time to herself at the ritziest spa one could imagine, but in these dog days of the economy we seem to be in the midst of, we've got to get more creative with not only our time but how we spend that time, both physically and emotionally.

Organic Spa Magazine

Enter in the nation’s leading expert on spas, Mary Bemis. Mary is a treasure trove of information about what you can do to create an at-home spa event without spending a fortune. As the Founding Editor in Chief of Organic Spa Magazine, Mary is the nation’s leading pioneer when it comes to organic spas that are sustainability-centric, meaning their practices are geared toward the absolute minimal impact on the environment.

Because she knows from when she speaks, I discussed with her the idea of taking the idea of ‘sustainability with minimal impact’ a step further...how does one create an at-home spa experience that has a minimal impact on their own environment, specifically with regard to those all important personal finance resources? Here is what she recommends.

How to Create an At-Home Spa Experience with Minimal Impact on the Environment

  • Learn how to ‘dry-brush’ - a technique for exfoliating skin using a dry, natural bristle brush to gently brush the skin. The technique not only promotes healthier skin by removing dead skin cells on the surface, it also increases cell production which gives your skin that healthy ‘glow’ everyone is always striving for! It also has a calming effect, similar to a massage...
  • Spend your money on some really good crucial necessities - There is a saying when it comes to skin care products - ‘Buy the best and only cry once’ - get the absolute best cleanser, toner, moisturizer, facial mask and eye cream you can for your skin type. A minimal amount of research on this can yield amazing spa-esque results. I recently saw Demi Moore tweeting about a mask she wears to bed at night, so that might be a good place to start. Can’t argue with what is obviously working!
  • Stock your fridge and pantry like Kate Middleton might pop in at any moment - get the best herbal teas you can find; chamomile and peppermint. Aveda makes an amazing one that is loose that has licorice in it that I’m downing right now. The stuff can cure cancer its so good. In the fridge, have some hardboiled eggs, organic baby carrots, organic string cheese and plenty of fresh fruit, as organic as you can get it - red grapes have amazing anti-oxidant properties - Resveratrol chief among them.
  • Create your own corner - Colors, patterns, fabrics, knick-knacks can make or break the feeling of an area. If you have a favorite chair, perhaps a rejuvenation of it with a different fabric is in order, or a cozy throw. The best spas create the sense that you are somewhere away from it all; ‘sanctuary’ the watchword. Low lighting, sheer curtains, candles, the right audio can create a mini-oasis.

For more information on Mary Bemis, the Founding Editor In Chief of Organic Spa Magazine, please visit her website.


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