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What is one of the most common problems that most women face, but very few ever talk about? GI or gastrointestinal issues, which can be embarrassing or uncomfortable to talk about for a variety of reasons. After all, this topic does deal with the digestive system and all the potentially unpleasant and definitely unfeminine symptoms of an upset stomach (e.g. bodily functions like vomiting or diarrhea). It's not exactly a lovely subject for anyone to discuss, particularly if it's personal!

That said, there are plenty of reasons why women really should talk about their digestive health - and the main one should be that the more we talk about, the more likely that women with digestive sensitivities can work together to figure out solutions that work for them! 

Why Women Should Talk About Their Digestive Health

The lack of conversation around these issues is a significant part of the reason that so many women simply suffer in silence. After all, if you don't speak up about a problem, it tends to go unaddressed. Therefore in the case of GI issues, women often don't even know about potential solutions since they might be considered too embarrassing or gross to discuss in the first place.

There's something to be said for just knowing you're not alone; after all, opening up and sharing about digestive health problems, tricky food intolerances, and other issues means that you and your fellow women can share tips for alleviating discomfort. And one of those ideas might be ProNourishTM  Nutritional Drinks

It's Not A Weird Problem

GI issues are a major problem for millions of women, but a frank discussion about GI problems is something that's missing from the female health conversation, and that's why we think more women should be discussing their issues and sharing tips and resources.

We're Here To Help

As a place for all women to get together and share information, commiserate, and generally help each other, WomensForum always encourages discussion of topics that are important to women - even if they are uncomfortable. 

Furthermore, we've partnered with Nestlé Health Science to introduce to you ProNourish™ Nutritional Drinks, which can be a mini-meal or snack that's low in FODMAPs (specific type of carbohydrates that may trigger digestive sensitivities in some people). ProNourish™ Drinks have 15 grams of protein, no gluten or high fructose corn syrup, and are suitable for those that are lactose intolerant. To learn more visit ProNourish.com.

So check out ProNourish™ Drinks and join the conversation that we're starting about GI issues and how they affect women specifically - no shame and no embarrassment here! And you never know...by speaking up and sharing, you very well might be changing another woman's life. 

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