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Photo Credit: Getty Images

The three-hour evening of the season premiere of The Bachelor began with an hour-long live red carpet event with fans and interviews from the Bachelor/Bachelorette family. Was a red carpet a little much? We thought so... But when we finally got to the main event, we were no longer disappointed! 

Chris Soules, AKA 'Prince Farming,' left his home in Iowa during the middle of the busy harvest to meet 30 beautiful women in Los Angeles. How did the first night go? Well, of course there was some flirting, drinking and crying, but there were also a ton of exciting moments we are still talking about! 

Best Moments From The Bachelor Season 19 Premiere...

  • We got to meet 30 gorgeous women, including a sweet widow looking for her second true love, a cutesy fertility nurse, a waitress (who Chris definitely had chemistry with), a woman who showed up in cowboy boots and more! 
  • We weren’t sure when waitress Britt stepped out of the limo since she gave him a long, and we mean really long, hug and she almost cried. But, as the evening progressed, their chemistry was undeniable! Chris gave her the first rose, they shared a first kiss and of course, the other gals were quite jealous! 
  • For the first three hours of the cocktail party, only 15 women were there. Though the women were questioning if more would arrive, they were thrilled to know there wasn’t as much competition. But eventually 15 more ladies arrived, creating lots of tension! 
  • We also got to meet some weirdos, which we love! Nicole showed up with a pig nose, a cruise ship singing lady showed up in a princess-like dress and serenaded him, and one of the girls began painting watercolor paintings with Chris and asked him if alfalfa is organic. 
  • Hairstylist Ashley made a memorable debut on the show. Was she drunk or loopy? Either way, she gave us a laugh! She talked to the camera telling America she’d like to run through sunflower fields, tried to explain an odd analogy of how people are like onions, and found a pomegranate growing on a tree and was completely in awe... right...
  • Tara, who showed up in jean shorts and cowboy boots (although she did change into a black cocktail dress) got way past wasted and couldn’t even stand still during the rose ceremony. She cursed like a trucker, was fidgety and yawned throughout the evening. Yet, she still got a rose!
  • Kimberley was sent home but came back into the room, after crying of course, to talk to Chris. Will she beg for her spot back? Or does she have something more to say? Stay tuned next Monday for episode two!  
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