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The much-awaited second-to-last show of the 10th Bachelorette season is finally here! 

We are just one week away from learning who won Andi’s heart. But before that, we have to bring all the men back and hear what they have to say! During the episode, we got to see all the previous contestants again! Which famous previous Bachelorette is pregnant? There was also a live ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby! 

Also, the guys tell it like it is with Andrew, we talk to Chris and Marcus again about if they still love Andi, and lie detector results are read...

Biggest Men Tell All Moments 

  • Ashley, the former Bachelorette and her hubby JP are having a baby! She is due October 7 and the two are moving to Miami. They did a live ultrasound on the show (oh yes, that happened) and we all found out that the two new parents will be having a baby boy! Congrats to the happy couple! 
  • Marquel and JJ addressed the alleged racist comment Andrew made during the rose ceremony about how Andi chose the two remaining African American men.
  • Marcus was put on the hot seat as he re-watched his breakup with Andi. She met his family, he told her that he loved her but even after Nick received the rose instead of him, he said he still has feelings for her. 
  • Chris was put on the hot seat and an audience member stops the chat to meet Chris and they exchange phone numbers! 
  • Chris Harrison had the lie detector test results that Andi tore up a few weeks ago! Chris, JJ and Brian told the truth on every question. Marcus, Dylan and Josh lied. Marcus lied about how many women he has slept with, Dylan lied about preferring brunettes and that he was ready for marriage, and Josh lied on two questions but Andi didn’t want to hear! 

Stay tuned next week for Andi’s final decision! Will she choose Nick or Josh? 

Photo Credit: ABC

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