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Andi has three bachelors left but which one didn’t make the cut? 

With only three guys left, it’s time for the final countdown. Andi, Chris, Josh and Nick spent this week in the Dominican Republic. She had three dates and of course, three fantasy suite cards. Who did Andi send home before the rose ceremony and what happened in the fantasy suites? With the season finale just two weeks ago, who do you think Andi will choose? 

Fantasy Suite Date Highlights 

Nick and Andi hang out on a private island and talk about his past relationships. At one point he was engaged but his fiancé broke up with him and in his 20s, he took a breakup pretty hard where he was devastated for six months. Is he ready for a real relationship? Can he tell her he loves? Well, he professed his love and got to spend the night with Andi in the fantasy suite!

Josh and Andi explored the local towns on their date and it’s obvious that Andi is attracted to Josh but can she trust him? Is he all just fun and games or does he have a serious side? Apparently so, since the two also spent a romantic night together in the fantasy suite. 

Chris and Andi went horseback riding but will they ride into the sunset together in the end? Is she confident enough in her relationship with Chris to spend the night with him? Andi confessed that she is at a crossroads with Chris and isn’t sure their relationship has moved forward enough. Plus, Iowa scares her and she sent him home even before the fantasy suite offer and the rose ceremony. 

Next week will be full of boy drama as all the men come back for the "Men Tell All." Is Marcus still in love with Andi? Does Chris wish he did something differently? Will everyone gang up on Andrew again? And in just two short weeks, Andi will hopefully be engaged! Stay tuned! 

Photo Credit: ABC

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