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There's no denying the fact that ballerinas tend to have enviable bodies, but Misty Copeland - principal dancer for the American Ballet Theatre and face of Under Armour - might actually be the personification of our fitness #goals. 

Get A Ballerina Body

While dancing as a career certainly helps, some of Misty's regimen might be attainable for the rest of us. Or at least she's trying to make it so with her new book, Ballerina Body. Full of her tips, advice, and philosophy on everything from what to snack on (nuts) to how to recover from injuries (hint: it includes eating plenty of dairy) to what she splurges on (Red Lobster - those cheddar bay biscuits really are addictive!), it's a good read even if you're interested in ballet. Want a preview? Misty also shared her diet tips with Elle magazine. 


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More Than A Dancer

But Misty Copeland has a lot more to offer than a pretty face and a fabulous figure. So perhaps it's fitting that she launched her book during Women's History Month and it's extended theme of bold, pioneering woman. She was the first African American principal dancer at the American Ballet Theater and has masterfully used social media - and her contract with Under Armour - to bring new audiences to dance. 


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If you pick up the book, you'll also find visualization and meditation routines along with some actual ballet moves, a floor routine that's basically barre exercises you can do at home, and posture improvement exercises and tips. Essentially, it's Misty's expert collection of ways to look and feel longer, leaner, and stronger - and isn't that a worthwhile goal! 

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