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benefits-of-using-makeup-primerWhy do women apply makeup primer every morning?

Makeup primer is creamy, airy lotion that you apply to your face before adding makeup. It blurs the skin and makes the makeup last longer plus improves coverage. Once you find a brand you're satisfied with, you'll achieve a lovelier, smoother look with your makeup. Still unsure about makeup primer? We’ve got the 5 reasons why makeup primer is an essential beauty tool

Top 5 Benefits to Using Primer

Blurs the Skin

Primers provide an anti-aging effect and who doesn't want that? The lightweight lotion fills any large pores you have and blurs away wrinkles and lines. It completely primes the skin for any foundation you apply!

Softens Skin

You won’t believe how velvety smooth your skin will feel after you apply makeup primer. Compared to other products that can make you feel overheated or clogged up, primer sinks into skin leaving it smooth and soft. When you apply makeup on top of your primer, that foundation, whether liquid or powder, spreads over like butter!

Makeup Lasts Longer

The whole point of using makeup primer is to , well, prime the skin! Primer decreases any sweating through your pores, which makes your makeup last longer. It also will shield off any debris or water that may wash away your makeup - perfect for a girls night out. 

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Reduces Redness and Acne Appearance 

Although primer doesn’t treat acne, it conceals it and reduces any redness associated with it. It also reduces any redness on cheeks. You should still apply concealer on any problem areas or acne. Makeup primer is so light that it won’t irritate skin; it provides the ideal amount of coverage and moisture. 

Works With All Skin Types and Tones  

With normal foundation or makeup, there are so many different types of tones and skin types to choose from. Light or dark or sensitive skin; there are so many choices! With makeup primer, there are no decisions. It is perfect for all skin tones and skin types. 

Makeup primer is must-have product in your makeup bag! We suggest applying your eye makeup first then apply primer, foundation and blush. If you apply primer first then some of the powder from your eye shadow can fall onto cheeks and under eyes, causing a big mess on your face. Apply primer to a clean face. The best part? You don’t even need foundation. Make up primer can act as your first and final stage of your makeup application! 

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