Years before apps were even a glimmer in fashionistas eyes, the best way to digitize one’s hair was through online beauty games. They worked through a blurry webcam that then uploaded a picture to a wonky web-system, giving those who tried it a glimmer into what they may look like with red highlights. Now this is no more! With the latest technology, hair applications have gone a long way. Now anyone can see what they will look like with a different hair color, book last-minute appointments and even have a hair stylist visit them at home, all in one click. Check out these five great hair apps that you need to download ASAP! 



If any application is a one-stop resource for beauty lovers, Beautylish is it. Consisting over a thousand product reviews alongside tutorial videos and photos, this app houses some of the best beauty information around. Plus, it allows one to create a personal profile and join in on forums to ask application and product questions.

Hair Color Booth


Ever wonder what you would look like with rainbow hair? Hair Color Booth offers this and an unlimited amount of realistic colors that help their subscribers plan their next hair color. Unlike many of the hair coloring apps, this application is highly rated. So before you get your next dye job, consult this handy app first!

Hair Color Premium


This is hair technology at it’s best. Hair Color Premium by Modiface allows their customers to upload a picture of themselves and the app will automatically detect the right shades for you. No more wondering which hair coloring box is right for you!



Beautified does the impossible. Through a hand-picked selection of high-quality hair salons, this app lets their users find last-minute bookings. Plus, tipping and paying for the service is on the app, saving their users even more time.


17012-GlamsquadToo busy to go to an appointment or just want to have a beauty day with the girls? Glamsquad connects traveling hairstylists with at-home customers, making a killer blow-out available even at your home.


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