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the-best-day-to-start-working-out-headerAs you start exercising again, you may find yourself saying in frustration"I wish I had done this earlier!” 

Wouldn’t it be nice to already be over the ‘ramping up’ stage and into the ‘pride of ownership of your new body’ stage? Today my #33minutes were a walk to the coffee shop to pick up beans for my husband. It ended up being 50 minutes - overachiever!

I can see that pretty soon I’ll have a bigger menu of exercise opening up, just by getting this tiny gentle daily exercise every day. 
That’s the cool thing about behavior change. Little changes add up so much faster than you’d expect

In ten days, you’re different. In 30 days, you’re different. In 90 days, you’re different.
Instead of wishing I’d started sooner, I keep myself on track with this perfect reminder:
The best day to plant an oak tree is 20 years ago. The second best day is today.

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