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Fall is officially here and many fashionistas are buying up their ankle boots and winter coats, but there’s another thing to plan, hair. Just like we’ve seen with fashion, there are some key hair styles that will dominate the season. So say goodbye to the topknots and middle-parted hair and hello to these incredibly cool hair styles.

Galaxy Hair


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Hair has gone to the stars with this latest coloring trend, galaxy hair. Just like with past pastel and neon coloring trends, this hair dyeing process incorporates multiple colors to create a multi-layered style. Although this requires some upkeep, it looks beautiful in person and in photos. Plus, it hides all of the split ends!

Rope Braid


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As we all know, braids have been in for years. From fishtails to box braids, it’s all been done. Now there’s a new style in town, the rope braid. Popping up at the latest Fashion Month, the rope braid is not only beautiful but super easy to recreate. Check out a how-to here.



Look at her hair ! This is perfection

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It’s time to break out the hair curlers! Big curly hair, think Gisele Bündchen and Diana Ross, is the latest going-out style. And don’t be afraid to wear your curlers outdoors, they’re the latest beauty accessories! 

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