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the-biggest-food-trends-to-look-out-for-in-2015Foodies and budget shoppers, listen up! With the end of the year fast approaching, recaps and 2015 speculations are popping up everywhere. We've got some surprising facts about the biggest food trends from 2014 and the things we should be looking out for in the new year.

The new year will bring many new changes in supermarkets around the country and the way that different generations choose to buy their weekly groceries, according to Food Trends expert Phil Lempert. Lempert works closely with ConAgra Foods every year to map out existing consumer food trends so that supermarkets and restaurants know what to expect from their customers.

One such revelation: Instead of grocery shopping trips once or twice a week, consumers are now more likely to shop 7-8 times a week for their groceries!

Lempert gave WomensForum the lowdown on what food-devotees and shoppers looking to save big bucks on their grocery bill can expect at their local supermarket in 2015.

To no one’s surprise, technology made a big impact on the way the average shopper chose to buy produce and goods in 2014. However, it might surprise some how often people are willing to shop for their groceries as a result!

“It’s all about same-day delivery now,” said Lempert. “We’re moving from shopping two times a week to shopping 7 or 8 times a week because of technology.”

This instant gratification mentality has some shoppers using services like Blue Apron or Plaited to simply order the ingredients for one dinner to be delivered to their home, Lempert said.

This might not be a bad thing, though. As Lempert points out, one of the number one complaints about produce is that it goes bad so quickly.

Who hasn’t bought a ton of expensive fresh fruits and veggies only to throw a bunch of them out? Buying only what you need at the time can help you save a serious chunk on your grocery bill!

Lempert also gave us a look into the food habits of Gen-Z (those born ’95 or later), which tend to differ quite a bit from that of millennials who gravitate to more adventurous food choices.

“We’re seeing Gen-Z, unlike the millennials, not going to look for something new for every bite and every taste, but really moving back to the basics and mirroring the traditional food habits of their grandparents - eggs, roast chicken, omelets,” Lempert said.

Even millennials can expect to see a shift in food values back towards the basics as the generation starts getting married and having families.

The biggest trend for baby boomers, or “golden grazers” as Lempert calls this group, is that they are leading the way in snacking and some pretty healthy eating habits!

“People 65 and older are eating 6 to 9 meals a day instead of three big meals. They’re eating healthy and looking out for things like Omega-3s, protein and fiber,” Lempert said.

So what can you expert from your local supermarket this year? First of all, follow them on social media! Many retailers will tell their Twitter followers what’s on sale or will alert them when they get a new delivery of fresh produce.

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Secondly, expect supermarket quality to keep going up!

“A lot of supermarkets around the country are hiring registered dietitians and chefs who are graduates from the Culinary Institute of America. Supermarkets are trying to become all things food,” Lempert said.

For all you foodies and budget shoppers, that includes more affordable craft foods in the new year, something that will, like craft beer, become a long-lasting food trend to look out for. Here’s to 2015!

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