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My husband and I are counting down the days until the lease on our two-bedroom apartment is up. Our calendar has nothing but X’s on each passing day. We can’t wait to buy our own house!

We are ready financially, mentally, emotionally and basically every way possible. Not only have we been renting for way too long, we have a little one on the way and want to give them a place they can call home!

Plus, the worst part of renting is handing over a big monthly check and then never seeing it 15210-7-Quick-Tips-For-First-Time-Buyers-To-Knowagain. Sure you get a roof over your head for another month, but at least with a home you’re investing your hard earned cash.

However, buying a home isn’t just finding one you like and moving right in. My husband and I have learned that the hard way...

On a Monday, you could find a house you’re in love with and by Tuesday night it’s gone! Or maybe you find the perfect home and realize the property taxes are insane and there’s no way you could afford it. Then there's when you've finally found you dream home, only to have an inspector tell you there’s a dangerous amount of asbestos in the attic. It seriously never ends!

Here are some survival tips so you don’t make the same mistakes we did when buying a home...

1. Don’t break your lease

We thought about it because we were so desperate to get a home but it’s such as waste of money. Wait it out! 

2. Pay attention to everything around you

You need to think about your surroundings, not just your potential home. Look at the surrounding homes, the street, and even neighbors for resale value. Pay attention to what other homes in the area are going for. Also consider nearby factors like schools, fun hot spots or if your home is in a pretty safe area. You know what they say, location, location, location. 

3. Think about school districts.

Even if you don’t have kids now, you may in the future! From access to public and private schools to which ones could be easier or harder to get your child in, it can help in the long run to consider the education in your area. 


4. Use your own inspector.

Realtors may give you their inspector’s information but find your own so you have an objective party looking at the house. 

5. Don’t get heartbroken and don’t get too attached.

You’ll find your dream house more than once so don’t get discouraged if one you like goes off the market. 

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