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16927-the-biggest-quotes-from-the-first-2016-democratic-debate-headerPhoto Credit: Reuters

The first Democratic debate was, well, a breath of fresh air! Not only did the candidates practice the Reagan's "Eleventh Commandment," barely bashing each other (Clinton and Sanders even shook hands at one point), it was also a great opportunity for all those great one-liners that define the  rest of the candidates' campaigns. The winner of the debate is a toss-up between a poised, elegant Hillary Clinton and a well-spoken Bernie Sanders, but we can all agree on one thing - the debate was basically all about those two.

Check out how they squared off on some of the election's biggest issues.

On The Topic Of Those Emails

democratic-debate-2016-2Photo Credit: Getty

"Let me say . . . that the American people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails." - Bernie Sanders to Hillary Clinton. 

On The Economy

"I believe in a society where all people do well. Not just a handful of billionaires." - Bernie Sanders

"The economy does better when we have a Democrat in the White House, and that's why we need a Democrat in the White House in 2016." - Hillary Clinton

democratic-debate-2016Photo Credit: AP Photo

On Student Debt

"A college degree today is the equivalent of what a high school degree was 50 years ago. ... We don’t need a complicated system, which is what [Hillary Clinton] is talking about. I pay for my program through a tax on Wall Street speculation, which will not only make colleges and universities tuition-free, it will substantially lower college debt.” - Bernie Sanders

“As a young student in Nevada said to me, ‘The hardest thing about going to college should not be paying for it." - Hillary Clinton

On Reproductive Rights

"It's always the Republicans or their sympathizers who say, you can't have paid leave, you can't provide healthcare. They don't mind having big government to interfere with a woman's right to choose and to try to take down Planned Parenthood — they're fine with big government when it comes to that." - Hillary Clinton

On Women's Issues

"For too long, issues affecting women—from reproductive rights to paid leave—have been dismissed as 'women's issues.' Those days are over." - Hillary Clinton

On Gun Control

12104174 10154142735681509 1263393064 nPhoto Credit: CNN

“No. Not at all. We have to look at the fact that we lose 90 people a day from gun violence. This has gone on too long and it's time the entire country stood up against the NRA.” - Hillary Clinton on whether Bernie Sanders was tough enough on gun control

“We can raise our voices. But I come from a rural state, and the views on gun control in rural states are different than in urban states, whether we like it or not." - Bernie Sanders 

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