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It's hard to believe that it's been 30 years since The Breakfast Club hit movie theaters. The story of five high schoolers stuck in Saturday detention has stood the test of time, as it captures what it really means to be a teenager and the realities of growing up.

Time recently spoke to the film's star Molly Ringwald about the impact the film had and Ringwald shared her personal reflections about her time on the set. 

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"If somebody told me that we would be on the phone talking about it 30 years ago, I don’t think I would have believed you. I always loved the movie, I loved it when I filmed it, I just didn’t know it would have the longevity that it seems to have had," Ringwald told Time.

Ringwald obviously wasn't the only one who loved the movie. Reference and tributes to The Breakfast Club are practically required for any modern day teen movie or television show - notable examples include Easy A, Pitch Perfect and even Lizzie McGuire. 

But Ringwald believes that the film's long-term success all boils down to the message of the film.

"The theme is something that is still really relevant today, which is that no matter who you are, no matter where you come from, everyone kind of feels the same, which is that they don’t belong. And that’s a sort of powerful theme." 

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What may be surprising to film fans is that one of the most memorable scenes from the movie, the scene where the students dance around the library, was originally going to be just Ringwald dancing, but Ringwald was too embarrassed to do it alone. 

"I’ve never really considered myself a dancer. I took dance lessons, but I was more of a singer. I was like 'Ahhh God, I don’t know about this.' So [Hughes] was like, 'What if we make everyone dance? Would that be better?' I said, 'Yeah, let’s do that.' And so that’s sort of how it ended up being a whole dance sequence, which I can’t really say improves the movie. It’s one of the most dated parts of the movie," Ringwald said. 

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Photo Credit: Tumblr

The 30th anniversary celebrations will continue next month when the movie will be returning to theaters on March 26 and March 31. Screenings will be proceeded by a featurette of cast members and notable directors talking about the film and its history and you can get your tickets here

It's impressive, yet not surprising that The Breakfast Club is still so beloved after three decades, and it's not likely we'll be able to forget about it anytime soon. 

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