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In preparation for their big day, most couples fill out countless wedding registries with items which, let's be honest, will end up gathering dust in their cupboards. Leigh McManus and James Clark Jr., who decided to have their wedding ceremony on Sanibel Island, Florida last July, wanted to do something different and give back to the community by asking their guests to commit acts of kindness instead of bringing gifts. 

In an essay penned for the Huffington Post, McManus wrote, "As our wedding approached, we wanted to do something to give back. The world had given us something we both spent a lifetime looking for -- true love. How could we not show our appreciation and gratitude for the happiness we'd found?"

Responses came pouring in, and McManus says she's still floored by the heartwarming stories she's getting even over a year later. Her favorite acts of kindness range from a childhood friend bringing frozen yogurt to the security guard at her London office (photo below) to a bridesmaid getting her whole family involved in donating supplies to a local women's shelter to a friend paying for the dinner of a random couple at a restaurant.


As for the newlyweds' act of kindness, McManus says that she and Clark Jr. donated their wedding flowers and decor to local hospitals and nursing homes.

McManus concluded, "The best way we could share our love with the world was by spreading it through kindness onto others."

Photo Credit: Miranda Lawson Photography

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