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The next time your seemingly angsty teen is blasting Metallica at maximum volume, you might actually want to consider joining in! A new study shows that contrary to popular belief, so-called "extreme" music genres like screamo, punk, heavy metal and emo might actually make you a happier, calmer, zen person.

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Metalheads have gotten a bad rep in the past with the assumption that extreme music might make you prone to angry outbursts or feelings of aggression. 

The study, published in the journal Frontiers of Human Neuroscience and conducted by Australia's University of Queensland, measured participants' frustrations about certain aspects of their life - relationships, work, or finances - then had half of the group listen to an extreme song and the other half sit in silence to process their emotions.

The results showed that the "aggressive" music actually calmed down the participants! And it kind of all makes sense.

Let's be real, when you've just had a tough break up or frustrating day at work, you're not going to watch the latest Nicholas Sparks flick. Instead, you watch that violent thriller movie or dramatic reality show and potentially imagine throwing an annoying coworker into a mosh pit. 

The study's findings support that instinct. Co-author Leah Sharman said in a release, “We found the music regulated sadness and enhanced positive emotions.” She added, "The music helped them explore the full gamut of emotion they felt, but also left them feeling more active and inspired."

Having a tough day at work or already counting down the days to the weekend? Here's a Metalhead-approved playlist to help you get your zen back! 

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