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the-car-trip-workout-headerDo you have a long car trip ahead and fear you can’t get your #33minutes? Fear not! Here is the car trip workout for those who want to tone up and burn rubber at the same time. If ever there was a workout born of boredom and desperation, this is it.

Just when you thought there was no way to get in a workout when you’re trapped in the car driving for five hours, ha ha! We’ve got you covered.

Driving past farms in Ohio on one stretch of road, it was easy to incorporate this little workout. It goes without saying, but obviously use your judgement about where and when this extra activity makes sense.

At first I thought I'll do 11 minutes straight of an exercise. Then...Oh no, these little isometrics fatigue specific muscles a lot more quickly.

Overall, these moves are super simple, but after a minute of each, you’ll start feeling the burn and be ready to switch! Do each of these for one minute, then switch sides. This will be 8 minutes total.

Straight-Arm Front Raises – With your arm straight out in front of you horizontally and lift four inches.

Bicep Curls – Curl and extend your fist toward your inner upper arm

Reach and Pulls - Reach diagonally over your head, make a fist and pull down

Lightbulb Twists – With your arm straight in front, twist your elbow so your whole arm turns, with your hand in the shape of holding a lightbulb

After doing one set on each side, take a break for four minutes. Repeat twice. Add one minute of freestyle, and you’ve got your #33minutes. Just further proof that there is room in an exercise regimen for all kinds of workouts.

Arrive feeling virtuous!

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