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The growing passion for “farm to table” has all kinds of foodies looking for fresh and natural flavors everywhere they eat… even when it comes to take-away orders.

Now restaurant companies are taking notice, letting everyone know what is NOT on the menu anymore.

Panera Bread is the first to share the list of ingredients being taken OUT of their food - no more preservatives, coloring, flavors or sweeteners. The St. Louis company plans to have all of these eliminated completely from their food by the end of 2016.

“Last year we unveiled our Food Policy to hold ourselves accountable to long held values and set the future vision for our menu. The ‘No-No’ List is the latest step on our journey to clean food and a transparent menu,” said founder and CEO Ron Shaich.

The ban on artificial additives is a growing trend among all restaurants, Shaich said, and for Panera Bread this “feel good about food” mission has been part of the company’s vision for 30 years.

With consumers demanding nutritious menu options, this “cleaner” version of foods seems to be a trend that is quickly catching steam.

The-Clean-Eating-Movement-Meets-The-Fast-Casual-Foodie-Scene-1Photo Credit: Panera

With this trend, more restaurants will be forced to move to more nutritious options and fresher ingredients to meet the consumer demands of better food… and we can’t wait to taste them all!

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