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Dogs, cats, hamsters and goldfish are all easier to care for than ferrets. In fact, a toddler is even easier to care for but my two crazy ferrets are worth it. I am not just a pet owner, I’m a ferret parent; a “ferrant,” if you will. Whenever I tell people I have two ferrets, they seem pretty surprised. While they’re probably not the most popular pet choice, they hands down should be! 


If you’re looking to buy a ferret, here are few suggestions: 

  • Consider buying two. They are needy animals and if you have two, they can interact with each other. 
  • Look into adopting a ferret instead of buying one from a pet shop. There are adoption locations, just like adoption centers for dogs and cats. 
  • Make sure they are fixed, especially if you get a boy and girl. 
  • If you don’t have the time, don’t get a ferret. They are caged animals but need at least 1-2 hours of playtime per day.  
  • You have to stay on top of cleaning because they go potty a lot. And I mean a lot. 
  • Don’t get creative with their feeding. No table food. They can’t properly digest anything but their food, which is all meat since they are carnivores. 
  • They can easily be trained, if you have the patience. I’ve potty trained both of my ferrets so they only go to the bathroom in a litter box. 

These small animals may not be for everyone and that's okay! My two furry babies are quite insane but I am totally in love with them. Except for when they steal my shoes or car keys and hide them. They’re hoarders by nature and have made me late for plenty of appointments. 

Before you adopt or buy a ferret make sure you do you're research and are prepared for these sweet and energetic little pets!

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