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different-types-of-saltFollow this simple "different types of salt" guide to host your very own salt tasting with a few interested friends.  You’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn!


Translated as  “Flower of Salt,” Fleur de Sel is an unrefined, hand-harvested sea salt found in France.  This creamy white salt is very moist and does not dissolve when sprinkled on food.  “Fleur de Sel is best used as a finishing salt so you can enjoy the crunchy texture,” says Davis.  Expect strong sea and mineral flavors; perfect on seafood and vegetables or my favorite use is atop chocolate caramels.
Product Recommendation: Fleur de Sel de Guerande, “The Queen”. ($9.00/3.25 oz. jar)


More delicate than Fleur de Sel, flake salt is composed of dry crystals that are plate-like or “flakey” providing a nice crisp texture.  The flavor of flake salts can range from mild to decidedly salty.  “The unique texture makes flake salt especially attractive on food – it’s a perfect finishing salt,” says Didi.
Product Recommendations:  Murray River Pink Salt Flakes, “The Satin of Salts” ($8.50/1.5 oz. jar); White Cyprus Sea Salt Flakes, ($8.50/1.5 oz. jar)


These aromatic salts are created using evaporated sea salt and wood smoke for a bold smoky flavor.  Flavors vary depending on the wood type used in this artisanal process and the texture is typical of sea salt.  “A great kitchen short-cut for adding smoky flavors to meats, potatoes and vegetables,” says Davis.
Product Recommendation:  Maine Cherry Wood Smoked Sea Salt, Made exclusively for Salt Traders! ($8.50/1.5 oz. jar); Danish Viking Smoked Sea Salt, “made today in the same style as the Vikings”,  ($15.00/1.5 oz. jar)


Flavored salts provide one of the easiest ways to elevate your cooking every day.  Made by blending high-quality sea salt with any number of ingredients, these salts provide unique and vibrant flavors to cooking.   Because of the additional ingredients, color and texture vary and look beautiful sprinkled on foods.  “A convenient and sophisticated way to enhance your cooking,” says Davis.
Product Recommendation: Favorites - Spicy Paprika Salt ($7.00 /  1.5 oz. jar); Aleppo Chile Pepper Salt ($7.00/1.5 jar); Savory Syrah Salt,  ($9.00/1.5 oz. jar)

All products mentioned can be purchased at Salt Traders (you can find them online). Chef Davis’ website also offers her favorite artisanal olive oils, citrus oils, saba, vinegar, honey, sugar, cocoa and kettle corn blends and vanilla.

For more food tips and tricks by me, please visit Sallys Place.

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