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Songs To Put Baby To Sleep

Desperate for a little more shut eye but baby is keeping you up? The WF mommy club put this soothing playlist to help your little one drift off to sleep and you can finally catch up on those zzzz's and feel energized (and less cranky) when it's time to wakeup and play mommy again!

So press play and we promise everybody will be having sweet dreams before the last note plays. 


WF's Bedtime Playlist For Tired Parents

1. Things - Barenaked Ladies
2. Sing To Me (feat. Karen O) - Walter Martin, Karen O
3. Butterfly - Lisa Loeb
4. Little Boy Blue - The Little Series
5. Fis Do Do - Lisa Loeb
6. Go To Sleep - The Little Series
7. Go To Sleep Now - The Verve Pipe
8. Day Is Done - The Little Series


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