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Barbara Millicent Roberts, or Barbie as we know her, has been a favorite toy of children for over 56 years. Whether she is rocking a striped swimsuit with killer winged eyeliner or clad in a white coat and stethoscope, Barbie always looks great and gets the job done. 

Barbie's ability to change and evolve from generation to generation is one of the reasons women and girls of all ages know her and love her. In September, a new Barbie, Princess Courtney arrived with her musical movie Rock 'N Royals. Once again Barbie is changing, this time she lands in rock camp and learns a thing or two about being a rockstar.

It is not Barbie's first makeover and won't be her last. As we prepare to see what look Princess Courtney brings, WF takes a look back at the evolution of Barbie.

(And if you're in a real throwback mood, listen to this playlist with a few songs Barbie herself could have jammed to through the decades!)

March 09, 1959


Barbie is born and debuted on the retail toy scene. 

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The-Evolution-of-Barbie-Classic-spaceshipAfter becoming a teacher and nurse, Barbie decides to tackle the hard job of the astronaut... with a little eyeliner, of course.

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The-Evolution-of-Barbie-SkipperBarbie gets a boyfriend, the slick-haired Casanova Ken. She also gets an adorable little sister, Skipper!

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The-Evolution-of-Barbie-bendBarbie get's moving with a twist and turn body, and fashionable mod clothing to boot.  

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The-Evolution-of-Barbie-malibuMalibu Barbie becomes every young girl's favorite doll with her new Cali look and tan skin. 

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The first African American Barbie emerges, and begins the brand's embracement of little girls everywhere.

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Barbie breaks into film with two TV specials, Barbie and The Rockers: Out of This World and Barbie and The Sensations: Rockin' Back To Earth. This is just the beginning for Barbie, and inspires her to star in many more films. 







The '90s feature Barbie in a variety of jobs and looks, including this interactive Dr. Barbie set that inspired girls everywhere to be #bossladies.

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Barbie turns 50! She celebrates in a gold and sparkly gown, and looks anything but her age. 

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