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Now I know I've written quite a bit on having go-to outfits and defining your style. But sometimes when the mornings are a bit more speedy then you hoped for them to be, having time to choose your outfit isn't exactly an option. A while back I created a process to use for mornings like these, which I call the 5 Minute Outfit Guide.

I figured since we all can have mornings where we try to race the clock, all of us could benefit from having a guide such as this!

Here is one that I developed for myself. Feel free to use mine, or take this as a template to create your own guide! Trust me, you will benefit from it in the future.



Bottoms: Flippy Panel Skirt (TopShop); Black Super Skinny Jeans (Lord and Taylor); Boyfriend Jeans in Ludington Wash (J.Crew); Women Sweat Pants in Gray (Uniqlo)

Tops: Sweatshirt Top in Light Pink (H&M); Blue Denim Shirt (Zara); Oversized Side-Button Shirt White (Madewell); V-Neck Jersey Top in Black (H&M)

Shoes: Slip on Sneaker Shoes in Black (H&M); Yasmine Genuine Cow Hair Bootie in Black 04 (Nordstrom Rack); Suede D'Orsay Flats in Kraft Brown (J.Crew); Lenora Stitched Leather Sandal, Cognac (Last Call)

Accessories: 2-Pack Necklaces (H&M); Floppy Hat in Charcoal (J.Crew); Crochet-Trimmed Scarf in Dusty Pink (Forever21); Floral Crochet Headwrap (Forever 21)

Other Essentials: Waterfall front Parka Jacket (TopShop); Steve Madden Cooper Convertible Clutch (Nordstrom Rack); Round Fleck Sunglasses (Ray Ban); Downing Tote in English Saddle (J.Crew)

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