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  • The Proud Mom: Carnations

    The Proud Mom: Carnations

    Carnations can come in an array of colors, but still have a delicate feel. The pattern of each petal is intricate, and great for a bouquet.

  • The Delicate Mom: Sweet Peas

    The Delicate Mom: Sweet Peas

    These flowers are simple and delicate, just like Mom! White Sweet Peas are the perfect color for a Mom who loves delicate and simple design.

  • The Majestic Mom: Lilies

    The Majestic Mom: Lilies

    Is your Mom passionate and energetic? Than the Lily flower is the perfect fit for a Mom with a lot of drive! Lilies can come in all sorts of vibrant colors to match Mom’s vibrant personality.

  • The Loving Mom: Tulips

    The Loving Mom: Tulips

    Even though Roses may seem to be the typical go-to flower for a loving Mom, Tulips tend to be the underrated love flower! Perfect for a Mom with such a big heart.

  • The Strong Mom: Daffodils

    The Strong Mom: Daffodils

    Daffodils are bright, and sometimes a bit of color (and strength) is what brings joy and happiness into the world! For the Mom’s who are always strong, the strong colors and petals from Daffodils are the best pick.

  • The Hospitable Mom: Orchids

    The Hospitable Mom: Orchids

    Orchids are an interesting, yet striking flower that so many people deeply admire. This fits perfectly for a Mom who loves to have people over and bringing hospitality to others.

  • The Spirited Mom: Lilacs

    The Spirited Mom: Lilacs

    Is your Mom all about peace and good vibes? Then Lilacs are perfect! Lilacs have an open-field nature feel that brings Mom’s free-spirited personality into her home.

  • The Joyful Mom: Sunflowers

    The Joyful Mom: Sunflowers

    Joy can be a hard thing to bring into the house day-after-day. If your Mom is always bringing joy to your door, than she deserves the flower that best represents just that!

  • The Patient Mom: Asters

    The Patient Mom: Asters

    Asters have a unique look, just like a Mom with a unique personality! Patience is hard for a mother, and she deserves a unique flower that shows how rare and special her patient spirit is!

  • The Quiet Mom: Iris’

    The Quiet Mom: Iris’

    Does Mom have a quiet, simple spirit that brings a peaceful ambiance to the house? Than a peaceful flower is what she needs! The Iris is a simple flower, but also very beautiful – just like a Mom who is quiet and peaceful.

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