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the-great-vaccination-debateI am for vaccinations. I think that without them, many people would needlessly die from disease.

I believe the medical community when they tell me vaccinations are safe. I received all of my childhood vaccinations and now get a flu shot each year. Some people will say I “drank the koolaid” and that vaccines are dangerous! People have said vaccines make you sick and certain ones can give your children Autism. Celebrities like Jenny McCarthy have spoken out against them. Read on to see my thoughts and findings on vaccinations. 

Jenny McCarthy and Vaccinations

For years, former Playboy centerfold and actress Jenny McCarthy was a very public and vocal opponent of certain vaccinations and vaccination schedules. She stated that her son’s Autism was caused by his childhood vaccinations. She spoke out vehemently, citing research. While there was one study that showed a link, it was later debunked – the study was flawed (some would say fraudulent) and there is no proof of any link between childhood vaccinations and Autism. Ironically, McCarthy now says her son’s Autism has been cured. Now, I am no expert, but I have never heard of Autism being cured. I think her whole campaign was misguided at the least – I certainly wouldn’t count on her for medical advice. Yet, surprisingly enough, that is what many people have done.

the-great-vaccination-debate-2.jpgTo Vaccinate or Not

Parents cite wanting to eliminate even the slightest chance that their child will experience an adverse side effect from a vaccine. I think I am safe in saying that as parents, we want what is best for our child and wish to protect them from harm.

Most people have never met a child who has crippling polio or has suffered from a host of other horrible diseases. As vaccination rates decline, we are likely to see more of these diseases, once all but eradicated, return.

If you are thinking about whether or not to vaccinate your child, look to the research and credible sources. Generally, the risk from any vaccine is far less than the risk from the disease it prevents. Your decision needs to be an informed one, based on an investigation of the facts with an open mind as it may have lifelong implications for your child. It is a very personal decision that needs to be based on education, not publicity.

The Latest Threat

Right now, there is a big recurrence of the H1N1 flu, predominantly in areas where vaccination rates for the flu are low. Unlike other flus, younger people and children are tbeing infected more often compared to seniors who tend to be the most likely to become ill with other flus. Many people need hospitalization and some are dying.

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