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Hand Me Down Kids Clothes Exchange

If you know of families who have kids growing out of the sizes your kids are growing into, organizing a home based kids clothes trade-out weekend in advance of each approaching season could be a great way of replenishing your child's wardrobe and helping each other save money at the same time.

The first step in organizing this kind of swap meet is to decide how big you want this clothes swap to be. A good way to be sure there is enough of a variety of sizes for all children is to make sure you contact parents who have children growing out of the sizes your children are growing into and parents of children growing into the sizes your children are growing out of. The best way to accomplish this is to post flyers at local schools and libraries letting local parents know you are organizing a clothing swap for kids so that they have time to gather and organize their outgrown and gently used clothes to trade.

Organize a Neighborhood Clothes Trade Show

The idea is for everyone to get enough hand me down kid's clothes to outfit their children and to give ALL of the clothes away. To accomplish this it is a good idea to plan two evenings and a weekend afternoon for parents to attend the kids' clothes trade-out at their own convenience. Schedule drop-off times for at least a week prior to the date selected for trading kid's clothes so that parents can bring in the hand me down kid's clothes they want to swap. As hand me downs are dropped off they should be sorted into separate areas for gender and size.

A few rules should be set in place to make sure your neighborhood clothes trade show goes off without a hitch:

  • All clothes for the swap meet must be in good or very good shape.
  • Clothing must be clean and ready to wear.
  • All zippers and buttons must be in place and in good repair.
  • If any clothes presented to the trade off are handmade sizes should be provided.
  • Everyone is responsible for picking up any of their hand me downs that aren't traded and either storing them for the next meet or disposal or donation as they see fit.
  • All clothes presented at a seasonal kids clothing trade show should be appropriate to the upcoming season.
  • Everyone must bring something to take something and no money ever changes hands.
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