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These powerful women are at the top of Corporate America and bringing in the big bucks!

We used to only see men dominating Corporate America but women are catching up! According to the Harvard Business Review, "60 percent of the top U.S. companies now have at least two women on their executive committees." Powerful females are leading mergers, overseeing IPOs, acquiring companies, and defining their organizations’ overall strategy. 

Probably the best-known name from the list is Sheryl Sandberg, who served as VP of sales and operations at Google before joining Facebook as COO in 2008.

Another familiar name is Margaret Whitman who made $17.6 million in 2013. This powerhouse is the former CEO of eBay and current CEO of Hewlett-Packard.

But who made it to spot number one on the Highest-Paid Women in America list? Not only does this woman make more than any other female executive but she’s also the highest paid CFO in 2013, earning more than every male CFO!

Top 15 Highest-Paid Women in America


  1. Safra Ada Catz: CFO and President at Oracle. Age: 51
    Total annual compensation: $44,307,837
  2. Martine A. Rothblatt: Ph.D, M.B.A., J.D., CEO at United Therapeutics. Age: 59
    Total annual compensation: $38,218,255
  3. Marissa A. Mayer: CEO at Yahoo! Age: 37
    Total annual compensation: $24,935,712
  4. Carol M. Meyrowitz: CEO at Tjx Companies. Age: 60
    Total annual compensation: $22,514,033
  5. Meg Gentle: CFO and Senior VP at Cheniere Energy. Age: 39 
    Total annual compensation: $21,721,238
  6. Phebe N. Novakovic: Chairman of the Board and CEO at General Dynamics. Age: 56.
    Total annual compensation: $19,033,073
  7. Margaret C. Whitman: President and CEO at Hewlett-Packard. Age: 57
    Total annual compensation: $17,643,243
  8. Sheryl K. Sandberg: COO at Facebook. Age: 44 
    Total annual compensation: $16,147,148
  9. Elizabeth Buse: Divisional Executive VP at Visa. Age: 52
    Total annual compensation: $15,586,076
  10. Indra K. Nooyi: CEO and Chairman of the Board at Pepsico. Age: 58
    Total annual compensation: $14,280,877
  11. Irene B. Rosenfeld: CEO and Chairman of the Board at Mondelez International. Age: 60 
    Total annual compensation: $13,994,780
  12. Virginia M. Rometty: CEO, Chairman of the Board and President at Ibm. Age: 57
    Total annual compensation: $13,965,677
  13. Mindy F. Grossman: CEO at Hsn, Age: 56 
    Total annual compensation: $13,800,354
  14. Ms. Michelle Gass: Other Executive Officer at Kohl's. Age: 45
    Total annual compensation: $12,083,287
  15. Jackwyn L. Nemerov: Executive VP at Ralph Lauren. Age: 61
    Total annual compensation: $11,792,285.


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