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The Importance of Family Fun Night

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Studies Shows… Fam Night Is a Must!

According to realtruth.org, “The average worker spends 45 minutes less each day with his family than he did two decades ago.”

With an increase in technology and a not-so-great economy, family time sometimes gets set aside because of other demands and duties. Despite busy schedules and long workdays, family time builds strong bonds and creates lifelong memories for children.  

Family traditions have been an important staple in the home for generations and generations…

Learn From Your Ancestors

  • Electronics were nowhere near the center of attention in the 1930s. Back in the day, families gathered around the table to play, believe it or not, Monopoly! Put the smart phone down to gather with family and play a nostalgic staple in the house. Who doesn’t own Monopoly?!

  • Have you ever heard of the game Tafl? Us either. It was a hugely popular game amongst the Vikings. One player aims to get his king from the centre of the board to the edges, while the other does everything he can to capture him. I guess from 1066 AD to today, the popularity of the game lost its touch. However, this shows how evident it is that entertainment has revolved around board games for centuries! 

  • Do you know the game Simon? It’s a handheld game with electronic tones and lights that originated in the 1970s, and is still a fun, retro family game to this day! Kick it old school next family game night with Simon! 

  • Kids today can relate to those living in the 1980s. Why? Video games! Many families have gathered around popular gaming systems to play virtual sports, racing, or taking out space invaders!

  • Similar to playing Apples to Apples today or solving puzzles on the web, families played games like Mousetrap and Jenga in the 1990s.  

Why Family Matters

Family time matters because it’s important to build strong bonds with family members. Family is forever — and it’s important to create a positive, loving environment through nights together doing things like playing board games, cooking or crafting. Why does family fun night matter to you? Share with us on Twitter and Facebook!

5 Must-Haves for an Epic Family Fun Night

3 Benefits of Family Fun Night

According to studies, family nights create a strong relationship between parents and siblings, as well as allow for better communication between family members.

In addition, kids learn by example. Showing them at a young age that family time is important, they will then teach their kids the same thing some day.

Game nights don’t have to cost a fortune, which shows children that money doesn’t necessarily buy fun or happiness. Something as simplistic as playing a board game is a fun time for everyone! So, what’ll it be? Old school “Jenga” or some virtual playtime? Either way, have fun!