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  • The modern home is always changing, with dozens of new exciting new trends and accessories  updating your home could never be easier. Check out which show-stopping trends are shaping the walls of today. 

  • Statement Mirror

    Statement Mirror

    Photo credit: Bzyuma

    Revamp your plain white walls by putting up a mirror that will change the look of any room.

  • Wood Countertop

    Wood Countertop

    Photo credit: Lement Studios

    If you are looking to add some extra warmth to your home, wood countertops are a classy and beautiful update to any kitchen. 

  • Geometric Wallpaper

    Geometric Wallpaper

    Photo credit: Houzz

    Geometric patterns have taken the decorating and home decor world by storm, and obviously for a good reason. 

  • Rag Rugs

    Rag Rugs

    Photo credit: Pinterest

    These vintage patchwork rugs are far from boring, the  vibrant array of colors make for a look that is lively and cheerful. 

  • Free Standing Bathtub

    Free Standing Bathtub

    Photo credit: Bobvila

    Clasically styled but with a modern touch.

  • Mismatched Cabinets

    Mismatched Cabinets

    Photo credit: Baysir

    Ditch your dated and boring kitchen look for a look that is extra bold. 

  • Matte Hardwood Floors

    Matte Hardwood Floors

    Photo credit: Houzz

    If your place doesn't have hardwood floors, you probably wish it after seeing this stunning new trend. 

  • Stone and Glass Wall Tiles

    Stone and Glass Wall Tiles

    Photo credit: Pinterest

     Glass and stone tiles are an ideal way to add some color and personality to your bathroom or kitchen walls. 

  • Metal Chandelier

    Metal Chandelier

    Photo credit: Pinterest

    Light fixtures that make a statement can really vamp up and serve as a focal point of any room. Bronze and brass finishes are making their mark for a polished and sophisticated look. 

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