meethisparentsIt’s one of the most awkward, nerve-wrecking moments for blossoming couples—meeting the ‘rents.

It’s a meet and greet you won’t want to overdress, or underdress, for ladies so pay close attention.

iStock 000012549454SmallWe’ve put together a few outfit ideas that are sure to be a hit for any guy’s parents—mama’s boy or not.

1. Plain and simple. Simplicity will give the parents less of a distraction and more attention to focus on your killer personality! A pair of skinnies, a black blouse, a cute pair of flats, and a few gold accessories.

2. Fun, but not too flirty. Try a floral pattern to give your look that girly flare without too much flirt. A floral dress with a plain sweater, tights and booties should do the trick!

3. Straight from Pinterest. It’s the ever-popular Pinterest look, but it’s 100 percent parent-proof. Tall boots, black skinnies, a flowy tank and a button down sweater. And don’t forget to wear cute socks if you plan to take your boots off!











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