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It's hard enough to worry about putting a healthy, delicious meal on the table every night without having to think about the extra stuff, like if your kids (and you!) are getting enough iron in your diet.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about 9 percent of women suffer from iron deficiency, but that number is a lot higher in active women. Getting plenty of iron is especially important for pregnant women. Instead of messing with iron supplements, which can cause stomach pains and constipation, or spending a fortune on spinach and steak every other night, try a Lucky Iron Fish. 

Number one, it provides up to 90 percent of your family's iron dietary needs for up to five years.

Number two, it lets you give back.


Photo Credit: NPR

The Lucky Iron Fish Project, developed by Canadian student Christopher Charles in Cambodia, makes it extremely simple and worry-free to add more iron to your diet. Literally, all you have to do is cook with the Iron Fishdrop it in any soup base or sauce, then forget about it. The best part? Your purchase helps give back. When you buy your family a fish, the Lucky Iron Fish Project donates one to a family in Cambodia, where almost half of the population suffers from anemia. Considering that the World Bank estimates that iron deficiencies account for a $50 billion drain in the world economy, you're definitely making a difference. 


Photo Credit: The Lucky Iron Fish Project

One of our favorite things about this product is that it is completely transparent about the process from where your Lucky Iron Fish is made to where it is tested, packaged and shipped. 

To learn more about the Lucky Iron Fish, check out the project's website.

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