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The cause of your child's 'round the clock tiredness may not be early morning alarms, school bus pickups or homework-filled nights. Your child may be dragging his or her feet everyday due to one thing in his or her bedroom - Technology. 

According to the National Sleep Foundation, about 70 percent of kids have at least one technology device in their room. The 70 percent who leave their electronic devices on at night sleep less, up to one hour less on average per night. Correcting their sleeping habits can help them be more alert and focused at school as well as in their daily lives. Start by trying these few tips:

11593-the-main-thing-destroying-your-childs-sleep-3Be A Good Role Model For Your Kids

First of all, if kids see you watching TV in bed or playing with your iPad while brushing your teeth, they don’t see the problem and they’ll do it too. Turn off all electronic devices an hour before bed. Doing this is critical and studies show it will help you sleep better as well. 

Studies have shown that the electrical signals coming off of your phone can put out some radiation, plus reading texts or scrolling through your Facebook feed late at night disrupts your natural winding down process and can instead stimulate your brain to "set" a new sleep time, a.k.a later bed times and decreased productivity the next morning.  

Keep Phones Out Of Your Child’s Room.

Even if it’s on silent, kids can still get distracted from their phone or tablet. Even a burst of light from the phone when someone texts your child can interrupt his or her sleep cycle. Also, don’t allow them to use it as an alarm clock, which many kids do. Instead, buy them an actual alarm clock. 

If parents help their kids follow these rules, everyone can get a bit more rest and you’ll have a home full of alert and focused people. Kids may not like some of these rule changes at first, but they’ll get used to it and they’ll thank you for it in the long run!  

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