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most-expensive-grapes-everA wedding hall in Japan has purchased the world's most expensive grapes.

A single bunch of 30 Ruby Roman grapes comes to a steep $5,400. So, what exactly makes these grapes so special? The Ruby Romans have only been around since 2008 after being developed for 14 years through a government-funded program. 

Each grape is the size of a table tennis ball and based on strict standards for them to even be sold, each must weigh at least 20 grams and contain over 18% sugar.

These standards also concern the color of the grapes, which must be a deep ruby hue. Every single grape is examined for quality and then given certification. These are some serious grapes.

Some bunches qualify for a "premium class" where each grape must weigh over 30 grams as well as the entire bunch weighing 700 grams. This class seems fairly rare as only six grapes qualified in 2010 while none did in 2011.

Luxury fruit is actually very common in Japan. There was a trend of specialty square-shaped watermelons that cost around $800 as well as Sekai-Ichi Apples that cost $21 per apple because they are washed with honey by hand. There are many more pricey fruits that are developed by strict and specialty procedures, making the final product more of a work of art than a simple fruit to eat with lunch.

You might be thinking to yourself, "For $5,000, those Ruby Romans better be some delicious grapes." According to those fortunate enough to taste them, apparently they prove to be a "perfect balance of sweet and juicy."

How much would you be willing to shell out for a taste of these perfect grapes?

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